Package Includes:

-Private Arena up to 30 people (1 full hour): Value: $360

-All blasters and equipment: Value $360

-Party Room (1 full hour): Value $100

-Pizza and Drinks (1 topping pizzas with 2 liters): Value $120

-Curated playlist by birthday participant: Value Priceless ๐Ÿ˜‰

-Valid any day Dart Rush is Open

Birthday participant gets:

– Dart Rush Hoodie: Value $40

– Dart Rush T-Shirt: Value $15

– Dart Rush Branded Blaster: Value $100

Additional Bonuses:

– $50 Spa Gift Card (parents we know it’s hard to coordinate a birthday party): Value $50

-Every participant gets a $12 gift card to come back to Dart Rush! Value $360

**Total Package Retail Value: $1505**

Reasons to Buy Today:

-We promise to make this incredibly special for your child and their friends!

-This is a voucher that can be used at anytime

-No need to commit to a date

-No need to coordinate participants right now

– You probably know someone with a birthday in the next year

-Get 61% off!

-Just give us a call when youโ€™re ready to book and weโ€™ll get you set up! (recommend calling a month in advance)

Offer expires 1 year from date of purchase

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